A.R.C. WOLF TruBlue Laser

The WOLF TruBlue Laser is a Blue Light Laser which combines the best out of both worlds. The smallest ‘KTP + CO2 – like laser unit for coagulation, vaporisation and bloodless surgery, with all benefits of a razor sharp scalpel inside an extremely flexible glass fiber.

This laser is a portable, fiber guided laser system, specially designed for various ENT applications.The laser wavelength of the TruBlue laser has a high absorption in haemoglobin and pigment (melanin), higher than a KTP laser. The TruBlue laser is also transparent in water, like the KTP. Therefore, the TruBlue laser has also the photo-angiolytic effect for treatment of Papillomas, Vascular Ectasia, Leukoplakia, Reinke’s Edema, Early cancer etc.

Furthermore, the TruBlue laser has the possibility to cut like a CO2 laser; non-contact with a very low necrosis zone beside the cut. The TruBlue laser has a glass-fiber core and with a Heliumflow system you can use the laser like a fiber guided CO2 lasers.


All fibers have a patented plug-and-play connection and are available in diameter of 300/400/600 µm. The fibers can be used with a handpiece and different cannulas, in flexible or rigid endoscopes for outpatient or clinical use.

We also offer sterile and single use probes for Otology e.g. stapes surgery.

The WOLF truly stands apart from the industry in terms of design and craftsmanship. Through use of unique materials and cooling technology, the laser unit is a fraction of the size and weight of other lasers on the market, providing an unparalleled level of flexibility in setup within the OR, clinic or office.


    • Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
    • Polypectomy in the area of Vocal Ligaments
    • Microsurgery of Vocal Folds and Cords
    • Dysplasia removal
    • Hemangioma & Ectasia coagulation
    • Reinke’s oedema
    • Staples surgery

The WOLF TruBlue Laser is CE cleared.

Link to ARC laser website: http://www.arclaser.de/en/

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The first TruBlue laser publication for laryngeal indications

New 445 nm blue laser for laryngeal surgery combines photoangiolytic and cutting properties
Markus M. Hess · Susanne Fleischer · Marcel Ernstberger
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (2018) 275:1557–1567