RESTECH-pH Monitoring

The only minimally invasive reflux testing system for use in the oropharynx.

The first and only medical sensor able to measure and chart real-time, continuous pH in both liquid and aerosolized states, revealing reflux-related etiology of presenting symptoms (e.g. chronic cough, hoarseness, throat clearing, and globus).

The Restech pH system is the only minimally invasive, in-office, outpatient test, a simple, reliable solution to assess reflux in your patients. It does not require anesthesia, insertion deep into the esophagus, or any additional placement procedures. Restech’s pH sensor is unique in its ability to accurately function anywhere in the aerodigestive tract (from the esophagus to the nasopharynx) reporting precise values of both liquid and aerosol (vapor) from pH 1–10. Bench testing at Vanderbilt University revealed time to reach equilibrium pH (seconds) was significantly faster (P < 0.001) with Restech’s oropharyngeal probe than the conventional probe in both liquid AND vapor phases.

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