REZABAND® UES Assist Device

Patients suffering from Laryngo-Pharyngeal Reflux (LPR) commonly have a dysfunctional upper oesophageal sphincter (UES). A malfunctioning UES can result in regurgitation of stomach contents into the throat and lungs.

LPR causes many symptoms that are challenging to treat and exist in a wide spectrum of disorders, including chronic cough and throat irritation, hoarseness, difficulty with swallowing, postnasal drip and globus sensation.

The REZABAND® was created to improve the quality of life for millions of patients suffering from Acid Reflux into the throat and lungs. It is innovative in that it is a mechanical treatment that avoids the potential side effects of pharmaceutical treatments or the heavily invasive nature of surgery. It is, uniquely, a completely reversible treatment. The REZABAND® is an externally worn device that applies a slight pressure to the cricoid cartilage. In so doing, the REZABAND® generates an adequate intraluminal UES pressure within the otherwise poorly functioning sphincter. This prevents the reflux of stomach contents into the upper airway and throat.

The REZABAND® UES Assist Device is FDA and CE cleared.

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