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The middle ear should be protected against the intrusion of water after insertion of a tympanic ventilation tube or in case of tympanic membrane disorders. Therefore, patients with a tympanic ventilation tube should wear ear-plugs during exposure to water with reduced surface tension (soapy water), e.g. when taking a shower. The triple flange design of bess Tannenbaum Ear-Plugs minimizes the risk of water intrusion. The ear plugs are available in three sizes.  They can be cleaned with warm water and boiled for hygienic cleaning.

Material: silicone

*current stock will be sold, then obsolete

Ordering information

REF Size Items per box (pcs)
BM 11 1101 small (white) 10
BM 11 1102 medium (yellow) 10
BM 11 1103 large (blue) 10

The ordering information, including possible assortment of different sizes and materials, reference number and items per box, can be found on the desktop website. 

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