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The Montgomery® Laryngeal Stent is a molded silicone prosthesis designed to conform to the normal endolaryngeal surface. The stent may be utilized as a direct support for intralaryngeal mucosal or dermal graphs to denuded areas of the endolarynx. The Rutter Supra-Stomal Stent is a silicone stent system designed to provide support in the stenotic larynx and trachea. The Montgomery® Laryngeal Keel, with its unique umbrella shape, has proven useful in the repair of anterior subglottic stenosis (web), with or without vocal cord paralysis.

Use of the Montgomery® Salivary Bypass Tube following surgery has successfully prevented fistulae occurence, as well as repair of existing cervical esophageal and hypopharyngeal fistulae. The unique superior funnel shape of the Har-El Pharyngeal Tube is designed for anchoring at the level of the tongue base. The Montgomery® Esophageal Tube is used to bridge the gap between the pharyngostome and esophagostome following laryngoesophagectomy and first stage reconstruction of the cervical esophagus.

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