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Soluvos Medical ENT Laryngology distributor is specialised in high quality products for airway management, OR- and office-based treatments in the field of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and Laryngology. Its focus is on innovative ENT treatments performed under local anaesthesia to reduce pain & recovery time for the patient and improve quality of life. Soluvos Medical collaborates with mostly long existing family-owned manufacturers with a great reputation on quality and service.

Soluvos Medical is a privately-owned company with extensive knowledge and expertise in the medical field of ENT. The company has efficient logistics and excellent service for customers throughout many European countries. Find out more about us.

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Soluvos Medical offers a wide variety of laryngology products, ao Renú Voice, Montgomery Thyroplasty Implants from manufacturers: Cytophil / Regenscientific, Restech, Somna Therapeutics, Boston Medical from the USA.


Soluvos Medical offers the full ENT surgical laser line, including the new TruBlue Blue light laser, Diode, CO2 laser of A.R.C. Laser from Nürnberg, Germany.

Head & Neck

Soluvos Medical offers for our Head and Neck line the Montgomery products, including Safe T Tubes and Pharyngeal tubes of Boston Medical Products from Massachusetts, USA.


Soluvos Medical offers the Otology line, which includes silicone sheetings and ventilation tubes of bess Medizintechnik from Berlin, Germany.

Rhinology and Maxillofacial

Soluvos Medical offers the rhinology products which includes splints and silicone sheetings of bess Medizintechnik from Berlin, Germany.



Prof. Hans Mahieu

Ruysdael Clinics Amsterdam, Netherlands

Speciality: Laryngology

Excellent. Very Helpful. Continuing support received.

Teemu Kinnari 

Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

Speciality: ENT

“Soluvos Medical is a great company!
Easy to contact and always with reliable and quick service.”

Ahmed Geneid

Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

Speciality: ENT

“Among the top companies of the medical industry when it comes to phonosurgery and laryngology. Friendly and reliable customer service.”

Markus Hess MD

Deutsche Stimmklinik Hamburg

Germany Speciality: Laryngology

“Soluvos Medical is a very reliable company and they always respond to any correspondence immediately (same day or next day!) Knowledgeable, appropriate and friendly customer service. In my field of laryngology very competent business partners.”


Mr. Mark Watson


Doncaster Royal Infirmary Doncaster, UK

Speciality: ENT


“Have worked with Soluvos since it was set up. Most helpful company & friendly representatives.”



Mr. Karagama

Manchester University Hospital Manchester, UK

Speciality: Laryngology

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Very innovative. Reliable and trusted

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