1 February, 2022

Product notification: Transfer of OHNS sales support from Cook Medical to Soluvos Medical BV

This letter is to inform you that Cook Medical is transferring Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery (OHNS) sales support in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg to Soluvos Medical BV, effective 1 February 2022.

Founded in 2015, Soluvos Medical is a privately owned distribution company, specialising in high quality products for airway management, operating room (OR) and office-based treatments in the field of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and Laryngology. Extensive knowledge and expertise of Soluvos’ employees complement the company’s efficient logistics and excellent service for customers throughout Europe. They are committed to maintaining the same high level of sales and clinical support that you have come to appreciate from Cook Medical. Our products complement the ENT range of Soluvos Medical, and together we can further our ENT efforts and serve more patients.

Please refer to the attached list for affected product information. No changes are being made to the manufacturing of these products. This transition only applies to the products listed and will not impact the ordering of any other Cook products. Orders placed prior to 1 February 2022 will be shipped directly from Cook. However, to ensure there is no interruption of product supply after 1 February 2022, you will need to switch your ordering from Cook to:

Soluvos Medical BV Torenallee 20
5617 BC Eindhoven Netherlands
Telephone: +31 40304 1717
Email: orders@soluvos.com

We know how important these products can be in the treatment of your patients. Please be assured that we will do everything we can to support you through this transition. Your Cook representative is also available to assist you with any questions you may have.


Thank you for your continued business.

Eamonn Barry
Customer Support & Distribution – EMEA
Rose Henrichs, MBA Founder-Managing Director Soluvos Medical BV
Jeroen Doomernik Founder-Managing Director Soluvos Medical BV

Customer Support & Distribution contact information
EMEA Distributors: EMEA.Distributors@cookmedical.com

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