FOX III 980 nm Diode 

The FOX III 980nm Diode laser opens a new dimension in the treatment of the mouth and throat. FOX-Diode-Laser cuts without almost any bleeding and allows precise handling.

Optimum results – modern laser technology

FOX rapidly coagulates blood vessels due to its wavelength of 980 nm. FOX III 980nm Diode Laser is available at a fraction of the cost of other lasers. FOX should be present in every physician’s office. FOX minimal costs for disposables.


  • TOUCH-SCREEN – Treatment at your finger tips
  • Compact dimensions, low weight and battery powered
  • High portability and well suited for a wide range of applications
  • Short Pulses (0.1 ms) for reduced pain and improved course of healing
  • Stores your individual treatment parameters
  • Flexible bare fibers for a huge range of movement
  • High quality and lossless laser coupling
  • Inexpensive disposables
  • Affordable price

Video Turbinoplasty surgery with FOX diode laser

Patented Click-Fibers

High-quality laser coupling for the precise connection of fiber optic and laser.


  • Laser-conchotomy
  • Laser dcr, lacrimal duct
  • Tonsillotomy

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