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Montgomery® Laryngeal Keel

The Montgomery ®  Laryngeal Keel, has a unique umbrella shape, has proven useful in the repair of anterior subglottic stenosis (web), with or without vocal cord paralysis. Use of the keel can be made following repair of stenosis or following removal of the Montgomery ®  Laryngeal Stent to aid in formation of a sharp anterior commissure. The keel also has application following hemi-laryngectomy to prevent stenosis. The intra-laryngeal extension of the keel is thinner than the umbrella of the extra-laryngeal portion. The extra-laryngeal portion, when secured to thyroid laminae with a figure-of-eight suture, covers the thyrotomy repair with its umbrella. Tightly secured, the keel prevents stenosis and the migration of granulation tissue into the larynx. The keel is made of soft implant grade silicone (clear or radiopaque) and is available in three sizes.


  • Implant grade silicone
  • Non-adherent smooth surface
  • Available in clear or radiopaque material


  • Sterile
  • For single use
  • 1 Keel, 1 IFU per carton 

Intended Use

For the prevention and treatment of anterior glottic stenosis

Ordering information


Size REF Dimensions (mm)
Clear Radiopaque A
12 323040 323040R 12
14 323050 323050R 14
16 323060 323060R 16


The ordering information, including possible assortment of different sizes and materials, reference number and items per box, can be found on the desktop website. 

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