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Montgomery® Speaking Valves

The Montgomery  Speaking Valves are designed to allow cannula patients to vocalise without the need for finger occlusion. All valves provide one-way airflow using a thin silicone hinged diaphragm that opens on inspiration and closes on expiration. Choose for premium silicone models. All valves feature our unique cough-release feature, eliminating valve or tube displacement following a forceful cough or excessive airway pressure.


  • Easy-to-use and durable
  • Low resistance to inspired airflow
  • Exclusive cough-release feature

intended use

For use as a one-way speaking valve for the Montgomery® Tracheal Cannula.


For single patient use
1 speaking valve, 1 storage container, 1 IFU per carton

Ordering information


 Size REF
Silicone Valve
4 350401
6 350601
8 350801
10 351001


The ordering information, including possible assortment of different sizes and materials, reference number and items per box, can be found on the desktop website. 

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