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To provide comfort, effective and fast topical anesthesia of the upper airway is of paramount importance in bronchoscopy, awake fiber-optic intubations and other awake instrumentations in the lungs, or the gastrointestinal tract. There are numerous techniques to anesthetize the upper airway, but to obtain complete topical anesthesia of the mouth and throat region remains a challenge.
The Trachospray soft mist spray device provides topical anesthesia to the mouth and throat in a convenient mode for both patients and clinicians.

The patient slowly inhales through a mouthpiece as the clinician administers the topical anesthesia. The fine mist is evenly administered onto the oropharyngeal structures including the vocal cords without the need to hold a patient’s tongue and to aim the spray. The Trachospray device offers a non-intimidating procedure and enhances patient comfort in preparation for laryngology, bronchoscopy or GI endoscopy. 

Watch this video for a brief Trachospray introduction:


  • Easy-to-use 
  • Single Use

intended use

The patient inhales through the mouthpiece as the clinician administers the topical anesthesia. Without the need to aim the device, the soft mist is evenly deposed onto the oropharyngeal structures including the vocal cords.


For single patient use
25 pieces Trachospray per box

IFU Trachospray video English

Gebruikershandleiding video Trachospray Nederlands

Trachospray instructions for use

Ordering information


REF Box of 25 pieces
1306 Trachospray


The ordering information, including possible assortment of different sizes and materials, reference number and items per box, can be found on the desktop website. 

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