ENT Laser Devices, Servicing & Consumables Announcement A.R.C. Lasers

We SOLUVOS MEDICAL LTD are writing to inform you that we are the newly appointed UK Responsible person, registered with the MHRA for A.R.C. Laser GmbH products here in the UK.  We have been successfully representing A.R.C. Laser in Europe for many years and know all their ENT devices very well. We are extensively trained in all their products and applications Therefore, we, Soluvos Medical may already be on your hospital supplier database.  Stock is available immediately.  To ensure a smooth transition we would highly recommend you updating your procurement platforms.

All our products can be found on the NHS Supply Chain: Lot 4 – Medical Lasers and all Related Accessories and Services.

We have listed below the Lasers for ease of reference, along with the consumables.

Equipment list: ARC Laser – ENT Medical Devices:

Nuvolas Laser System (514nm, 532nm)
C-Las CO2 Laser System (ARC)
TruBlue Laser System (445nm)
Fox Laser system (514nm)
Classic Laser system
ENT & Laryngology Consumables:
LL28059S   Otology Probes
LL28066S    400 Micron HiFlex Fibers
LL28066SL  400 Micron HiFlex Fibers with Laryngeal Handpiece
LL28066SN  400 Micron HiFlex Fibers with Nasal Handpiece
LL11059S     Otology Probes
S165             Nasal Handpieces
S139             Laryngeal Handpiece
Laser training
Laser eyewear
(A full list of products available on request)

Service/Maintenance & Laser Training quotations are available on request, please email (to the addresses below), kindly include make, model, serial number along with service dates required.

Should you require any assistance or support, please feel free to contact us direct.

Kindest regards: Chrysa Voskou, Carl Elias, Jamie Mackay, Rose Henrichs, Jeroen Doomernik

Orders to:      orders@soluvos.com

Enquiries to:  uksupport@soluvos.com and Carl Elias UKSales@soluvos.com

Urgent ARC Laser Announcement – Action Needed